4 Signs You’ve Found the Best Person for Your Job

Business Jan 14, 2019

When you’re in the process of recruiting new employees, the ability to distinguish top-performing talents and low-performing talents is a crucial skill all recruiters should have. Even with the influx of job seekers in the market, finding talents who possess outstanding skills is a rare occurrence.

A method you could consider is to post job ads on Jobstreet, one of the largest job portals in Southeast Asia. What are the key pointers you should be looking out for to ensure that you pick the right prospect for the job?

A strong introduction

Introductions do not begin the interview, but from the very second they submit their resumes and work application. Their resilience and passion for the role should be reflected based on the resume, cover letter, and their interview.

First impressions are crucial, and you will get a green light knowing that the candidate has successfully met your expectations for the job requirement. Moreover, they are concise with their points and are honest with their answers.

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Result-packed CV

While stating their accomplishments in the CV is vital, it is even more critical for your candidates to be able to walk the talk. They should be demonstrating their skills as per stated in the CV and incorporating it into the job specifications.

A good candidate would tailor their CV based on the requirements of the job scope and one that is custom to the job role.

Great communicating skills

Being able to express oneself vocally is a fundamental skill any individual should possess. Being able to vocalize and be opinionated on matters while maintaining a professional tone is essential.

Excellent- natured

It is easy to spot candidates who are fully immersed and present during the interview process. They have unique eloquence when communicating and can adapt to your recruitment style instantly.

When interviewing your prospects, you should always try to match them up with your team players to identify personality clashes and whether they can work with people from the designated team.


While finding a top-talent that matches your job requirement is not a walk in the park, you can immerse yourself in any opportunities available. For instance, you can incorporate videos into your job ads, and later, launching it on Jobstreet- one of the largest job portals in Singapore via https://www.jobstreet.com.sg/en/cms/employer/.

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