How to Write a Great Job Advertisement

Business Mar 27, 2018

Imagine yourself preparing a job advertisement and hoping to fill a job position in the company. However, you don’t hear any response or even worse, receive applications that are unqualified.

Recruiters should think like marketers when posting a job advertisement because it is an advertisement after all. You should understand your target audience and speak to them in their language.

Learn these tips on how to write a job ad that candidates can’t resist and post them on JobsDB later.

Use a catchy job title

The title is the first thing candidate notices, so it is vital to make your title as attractive as possible.

It doesn’t have to be exactly same as the title a new hire will have; it is more of a tool to get people clicking on your ad. Include one to three things that will capture the candidates’ attention as well.

Be specific about the job

Remember, it is a job ad, not a job description.

Include exact responsibilities of the position and essential details such as a salary range and location. You might also want to add some eye-catching benefits or incentives associated with the job.

How To Write A Job Ad

Tell your company’s story

Let candidates know what kind of company they are potentially getting themselves in. Share the company’s history, achievements and work culture facts that will interest them.

However, you shouldn’t get candidates too excited about your company. A candidate should be applying for the job position, not because they want to get into the company.

Use your ad as a screening tool

As an HR manager, you probably have a lot of your hands. You can lessen your workload by adding a particular instruction in the middle of your ad and mention that you will only look at applications that followed your instructions.

It might seem harsh, but in reality, you’re just filtering out the people who didn’t pay attention or can’t obey directions.

How To Write A Job Ad

Finally, have someone else read it

You might be eager to post your ads immediately after writing it, but it helps to get the opinions of others.

It is the best if you can get a person with the same job position to have a look at your advertisement. Their experience and perspective might improve the quality of your ad.

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