Work Edition: What are Employee Perks?

Business Jan 14, 2019

Although monetary allowance is one of, or if not most important perk that determines whether an individual will work for a company, it isn’t everything. Most of the employees in the workforce claim that the majority of the population prefers additional benefits besides the general pay rise.

Businesses should strive to provide various incentives to deserving employees. This action would boost their confidence while working, and potentially make them a happier individual. Work perks have significant benefits. You won’t lose out, but you may gain a better working culture.

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Why do employee perks matter?

Most employees admitted that they were exuding more energy when given work perks for their achievements.  A few simple work perks include being able to work remotely, dressing down, flexible working hours, etc.

It has been proven that a sizeable percentage reduced overall health of the employees and work-leaves.

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Money is not everything

While money is a prerequisite, not all things revolve around money. There are other benefits that individuals seek to receive. This incentive will foster a sense of motivation to work harder as they will be incentivized with better deals.

Successful companies tend to balance between the two aspects. The most crucial factor that you should look for in a company is how well they take care of their employees. It speaks a lot about their company culture.

Some examples from successful firms

Businesses around the globe are continually adopting different practices to see what works best for their employees. Grow together as a cohesive community to benefit the workforce at large. Companies like Airbnb provides an annual $2000 travel budget for their employees. Travelling is known to reduce stress as preserving your mental health is extremely crucial.

Firms like Starbucks reimburses college tuition fees. Starbucks allows their employees to deduct tuition reimbursements up to a specific digit per employee. Firms like Scripps offers insurance for pets of employees.


Employee perks is a driving force for your employees.

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