A Savvy Traveler: Tips 101

Lifestyle May 3, 2018

Savvy travelers is experienced

Traveling the world is a wonderful experience to many people. However, not all of us are savvy travelers. In the beginning, there will be several mistakes done, but don’t worry, becoming good at it takes a whole lot of experience.

Sometimes, we simply cannot plan for everything, hence we forget some important things which could make our traveling smoother and easier.

Always pack light

Find something that you can easily wash on the go or something within the neutral color tones. This way, it won’t be that you are repeating your outfits. However, if you have extra time and space, planning the outfits firsthand before anything will make things a lot more convenient.

Bring an extra bank card and credit card with you

Keeping a lot of cash with you as you travel is not always a good idea. Try to limit the amount of cash you have and keep them in separate bags. Apply for a credit card by going to the nearest bank in your area or through online application. Everything is now made easy for us, for instance, RHB Smart Value Card holders get to enjoy 5% cash back on daily essentials like petrol, groceries, online shopping and utility bills.

Map and tour guide

Don’t be afraid or feel shy to use a map of the unfamiliar countries or places that you go for a visit. It is always better to be guided and know where you are going then going around without knowing which direction is which. When you travel to destination where it isn’t always safe foreign for visitors to visit, it is also best to have a tour guide to show you around even with the map in your hands. At times, you do need a local or a reputable guide to steer you away from places where things might get a bit dodgy.

Make a Checklist

No matter how much you think you can remember everything, there’s always something that might slips your mind off when you have your mind occupied. Before you even start traveling, a plan is necessary. Then, through planning you need to create a list of everything you need to pack and more. This will ease the process of your packing, traveling as well as preparing yourself mentally and physically before your journey.

You’re All-Set For the Adventure!

After all of this, there is really no wrong or right way to travel. There are variations in everybody and each experience that we go through will teach us something to prepare for our next journey. Yet, we still continue to seek new adventures in our wanderings. For more information about the usage of RHB Smart Value Card for your travels, visit https://goo.gl/2N8JZn

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