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Buying flight ticket to travel overseas was previously so expensive. Nevertheless, history witnesses how the cost for technology-related service or product reduces down the road, the airline business is no different. Nowadays, it is easy to buy a cheap flight ticket to all your desired destination. In the Malaysian market, here are a couple of the airlines with affordable tickets you’ll find.

Firefly Airlines

Cheap Flight to Langkawi & More | Firefly Airline

Firefly is certainly an airline company located in Malaysia that offers affordable flights to the customers. With Firefly, you can acquire cheap flight to Langkawi, Banda Aceh, Alor Setar, Kota Bharu, Kuantan, and even more. What’s unique about Firefly would it be is, in fact, a subsidiary of the nation’s flag carrier, Malaysia Airlines Berhad.

With at the very least 18 with turboprop aircrafts within their fleet, Firefly that operates straight from the Penang and Subang hubs blends efficiency, comfort, and safety into every flight experience. The airline in addition partnered with one of the best travel insurance service provider in Malaysia, AIG to make available the optimal traveling protection.

Visit Firefly’s page to book a flight to Langkawi now:¬†http://www.fireflyz.com.my/flights/destinations/langkawi

AirAsia Airlines

Cheap Flights in Malaysia

Arguably among the list of world’s leading international low-cost carriers possesses a unique no-frills concept that has innovatively changed the airline industry forever. With a huge network, the very best frequency to destinations around the Asian region, they have perhaps grown from the mere 250 staff, two planes and a second route between KL to Langkawi, to now over 88 destinations, for instance, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand and 220 million guests.

Malindo Airlines

Cheap Flights in Malaysia

Malindo Air is actually a unique airline because it is created through a union of Malaysia and Indonesia. Hence the origin of the name, Malindo. Malindo flies to Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and China, and you will find more than 44 other destinations options to select from. The ticket prices of Malindo Air are frequently affordable, that anybody can simply go to and fly to their favorite city.

Malindo Airlines goes far beyond to make sure of passenger comforts. The seats are spacious in comparison to AirAsia. On top of that, every seat comes along with in-flight entertainment Television screen along with USB charger port. Malindo also started a travel insurance partnership with Chubb, so passengers can enjoy a worry-free journey in their flight.

To discover the least expensive flights as well as very best deals, you can actually check out the airlines’ official websites, although this might be time-consuming. Comparison sites like Expedia or Skyscanner will give you a clear overview to the flights found on your selected date and destination. Last advice, attempt to book with plenty of forethought and try to get excellent deals or promotions any time you travel inexpensively.

Safe travels!

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