How Blood Circulation Affects Your Health

Health, Lifestyle Jan 28, 2018

You’ve probably heard that having good blood circulation is crucial for your health, but what does that really mean?

Our cardiovascular system promotes the circulation of blood within our body. The heart functions as a pump and carries oxygenated blood to our vital organs. It then sends the blood back to the lungs to get oxygenated again, thus completing a full cycle.

In this article, we’re going to explore how poor blood circulation affects you, the triggers that may have caused it, and what you can do to improve it.

What poor blood circulation does to your body

When blood is not being transported efficiently, it’s typically because some of the arteries are blocked. This is dangerous as all your vital organs need oxygen and nutrients to perform optimally. This would mean that the minor parts of your body such as legs, feet, arms, and toes may not be getting sufficient rounds of blood either.

If left unaddressed, you may be plagued with a host of unpleasant things ranging from mild discomfort to serious illnesses, i.e: vertigo, blood clots, muscle cramps, leg ulcers, stroke, and etc. It’ll be difficult to do strenuous physical activities, let alone recover from sports injuries as your muscles aren’t getting the oxygen it needs.

What leads to poor blood circulation?

A lot of problems stem from unhealthy lifestyle habits. The three main culprits are smoking, not exercising, and poor dietary choices (refined sugar, trans fats, and alcohol are the worst!). When bad fatty acids build up in your bloodstream, hard plagues will appear on your arterial wall, thus obstructing proper blood circulation.

A sedentary lifestyle also contributes to poor blood circulation. Examples of this include sitting for long periods at a time and sleeping too much. Burning less glucose than you consume will clog your heart and result in high blood pressure as well.

Take action

If you find this article highly descriptive of you, it’s best to take action now. Beet is known to have high levels of nitric oxide and will help dilate and open the blood vessels in your body. You should also get an exercise regimen going on; something gentle like hot yoga. Put on a knee guard daily to further enhance your blood circulation. If you’re in the market for one, check out

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