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Lifestyle Jul 19, 2018

Doing work in an office building environment is generally mundane and boring. Nowadays, the fashion of coworking spaces emerged to challenge how you think about working environments. Many are favouring the flexibleness and ability of a shared space, especially digital nomads, for example, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Unlike work at home, coworking spaces hook you up will like-minded people and definitely will increase your productivity. In Malaysia, countless coworking spaces are making their presence known, people are joining in the trend.

You don’t have to any look further for a coworking environment. There’s a lot of coworking space in Malaysia and around the Klang Valley area. These shared offices are worthwhile for start-up companies or small enterprise entrepreneurs that like to economize money or desire for getting a much better work-life balance. 


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Perfectly located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Colony @ KLCC is a coworking space established by a group of people who believe an impressive working space plays a vital role in a person’s career. Their purpose is generally to improve the standard of exactly what a working setting really should be and increase the quality of working life. Aside from the main office in KL, Colony wants to open another branch inside the New Golden Triangle as well as other locations in the coming years. 

Colony can be described as coworking space that echoes an equivalent ambience of any office. However, unlike an office, it is run on a serviced basis, forming a virtual office. Colony provides work areas like a coworking desk space as well as a personalized space for your personal company. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary, hence you are able to relieve your mind in our own Sky Gym, alongside the pool. Also, we even provide you with a nap room and massage room for the days where working isn’t an option. Furthermore, they provide an event rental space. 

Common Ground

Common Ground believes in teamwork and growing as a community. Though the types of the respective venue of Common Ground differs, their value and concept stay the same. Each and every space materialize upon fostering a professional coworking space, nevertheless with the leverage to balance. They’re currently perfectly found on the hubs of Malaysia and Singapore. With 4 main venues in Malaysia.  

The facilities in all Common Ground packages consist of high-speed internet, 100 % free drinks, electricity and water, members forum, partnership benefits, on a daily basis cleaning services, and business-class printers. Features like the lockable drawers, business address and mail handling are available for private offices and fixed desks. Accounting and tax services, graphic design, and courier services are some of the support services you could find in Common Ground. You may as well get connected with other members with the CG app. 


You can find another coworking space in the Klang Valley area called Worq. Space. Found in TTDI Damansara, this single-story, one-stop office space aims to churn out customers’ maximum productivity while connecting all of them 1 another.  

Many seating choices available here to cater for your cosiness whether it is the hotdesk or private office. Office facilities such as printers and scanners are free for anyone to utilise. Everybody is also welcome to the shared pantry located in the centre of the space. Occasionally, Worq. Space will host ice-breaking functions due to its people. It’s a chance for you to have a break and connect with people from different fields of work. 

Interested in experiencing an exciting new working experience? Would love to explore your own choices? Look at these places for your unique working experience and try it your self!

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