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Recruiting in a Digital Age

The current job landscape does not look like how it was 20 years ago. Job seekers have a much different outlook and expectations on their career. Besides that, hiring practices have also gone through some changes to fit in with the advances in technology such as using job advertisement and improvements that have been implemented in workplaces.

What should you do to improve the efficiency of your hiring practices and at the same time increase the quality of the job candidates that you get? Follow these simple tips below on how to recruit in today’s job market.

Online Recruitment Site

Many companies opt to have their own online recruitment pages within the official company website. While that is good a thing to do for an overall company image purposes, it’s good to spread out and have job advertisements on various channels and mediums to have more job candidates.

Online recruitment sites such as Jobstreet, Asia’s leading talent sourcing avenue, can help put your brand or company forward with a specialised page that would include reviews, company details and of course, job listings.

Job seekers these days are also more likely to browse for jobs through a jobsite as that gives them more options. This benefits you as a recruiter as it would likely give your company some exposure to job seekers and alert them on the fact that your company is hiring.

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Optimise Social Media

Social media is a popular tool used in very diverse aspects. Brands have co-opted platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to reach out to the public for greater brand presence. Your company should use this opportunity to your advantage as well.

A growing concern among job seekers in today’s age is about a company’s working culture. Optimise your company’s social media channels by using it to display the normal working day-to-day atmosphere of the workplace. Job seekers would want to have a glimpse into how it is like to work there to help them decide on whether it is a good fit for them.

Provide a Smooth Process

Nothing discourages job seekers more than the tedious and difficult application process that a lot of company puts job seekers through. While it’s perfectly understandable that some processes are just standard procedures, reassess on what could be made faster and try to reduce redundancies, for example with application forms.

Having a streamlined data bank on job applicants will also make your job easier, such as the dashboard provided by Jobstreet for employers. You could filter the candidates according to job requirements and also inform them when they are being shortlisted or rejected. Jobstreet also lets candidates know the average processing time for each company to help them gauge response time.


With changes in the current job market, it will definitely do you good to look into ways to modernise your company’s recruiting practices as well. This will benefit not only the HR department of the company but also improve the overall quality of new employees.

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