Biggest Recruiting Video Mistakes

Business Jan 15, 2019

In this modern era, more companies are incorporating videos to their recruiting strategies. It is proven to be much more effective and visually captivating compared to just having texts. Hence, the attention span of prospects tends to last longer, retaining an image of your company.

While assimilating videos into your recruiting strategy may work for some, there are a few mistakes that recruiters tend to make. Remember that a simple fault could make or break your company. However, with proper synergy and a platform to generate massive outreach (such as Jobstreet), integrating recruiting videos will be worth it.

Lack of proper strategizing

The recruiting video has to captivate your employees first. When designating an action plan, put yourself in the shoes of your prospects.

False advertising

One of the advantages of using videos as a method of recruiting is that your prospects will have a sense of the working environment in your office.

To curb the possibility of false advertising, ensure that you capture raw footages. Transparency is critical in any working environment. You want to reach out to candidates who match your company’s work ethics. Otherwise, you are captivating the wrong group of audience.

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Using scripts

Skip the scripts! You should aim to be as transparent and honest with your prospects. Ask your employees fundamental questions. For instance, “Why do you like working here?” and see where that leads you!

No storyline

Merely emphasizing on company facts alone will not put your company on par with other companies with a better story to tell.

To resonate with your prospects, you need a storyline  If finding a story is difficult for you, go back to the basics and find your story to tell. Every company has a different story to tell.

The video is too draggy

On average, the best videos are often short and simple. The most popular videos on Youtube is only 2 minutes long. The usual attention span of any human being lasts a relatively short amount of period.


Overall, incorporating videos into your recruiting strategy may provide leverage for your company if done well. Moreover, if you are looking for a platform to launch your videos, pick Jobstreet via as your first option!

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