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Technophile Apr 24, 2019

Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia: Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Our daily task becomes easier and efficient using electrical and electronic appliances. From the living room, dining facility to the bedroom, these products have made life easier and comfortable. This makes Mitsubishi Electric always go further since 1921. With the slogan “Changes for The Better”, it drives them to offer high-quality and eco-friendly products, especially on their inverter air conditioner.

inverter air conditioner

The Malaysian’s electric appliance brand

Among the most developed country, Malaysia, Mitsubishi Electric start to penetrate Malaysia share of the market and do knowledge and technology sharing with Malaysian. Established in 1989, Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia has marked its ground in Johor Bharu and expand the market to produce electrical appliance for Mitsubishi Electric products.

However Mitsubishi Electic it not just confined to air conditioner production associated with household purpose, as they definitely ended up being the best available on the market, but they also offer air conditioner systems that are created for residential, industrial and commercial use, all energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

More than home products

One more great technology from Mitsubishi Electric is the building system like lifts, escalators, and moving walks. These products benefit us and create our life more leisurely and much easier. Yow will discover their product anywhere as Mitsubishi is definitely the most recognized brand for this category of business.

Through the edge when everything is automated and robotized involved in the industrial field, Mitsubishi has developed top of the line automation systems, include things like inverter, industrial robot, and many others, who want to increase productivity, aggregate energy efficiency and generate efficient work management.

Ideal home products

Mitsubishi Electric also offers the ideal home products to Malaysia. To give an example, refrigerators, freezers, electric fans, and water pumps. Most of these products are composed and innovated to assist you to the user in doing the daily task easier and more effective. Plus, their home products help user decrease power bill by using their most advanced technology.

Mitsubishi Electric attempt to be considered a global, leading green company by contributing to the environment through their goods and reduce the environmental load from production. They have set some goals for 2021 for example reduction of CO2 emissions and recycling rate of waste plastic. They put efforts to be certain they’re able to achieve their goals.

Invention prize in 2018

With a purpose to continue manufacturing high-tech and high-performance products, Mitsubishi Electric conveys a lot of efforts in Research and Development (R&D). For example, they won The Invention Prize in 2018 for their design of interior-oriented air conditioning system. They have a few R&D centers in Japan that concentrate on creating high-tech products.

As an official powerful company, Mitsubishi Electric always ensure the products may well meet consumer’s needs. Through their products, our life becomes additional easier and comfortable that is a reality Mitsubishi Electric improve quality people’s life. When you find yourself interested in their products, do visit their website at https://my.mitsubishielectric.com/en/products/air-conditioning/racbrand/index.html for more information.

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