5 Indoor Games For Kids That Will Keep Them Entertained

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2020

As parents, we all need to understand that Kids + Energy + Inside equal to a chaotic scene in the house. No matter where you are located or how is the weather, there is a time you and your kids need to be inside. Hence, we need to be creative about keeping our beloved entertained all the time. Prepare a game day or activities that keep them busy in order to avoid chaos. These activities will not only combat boredom but also challenge them while having fun. A worthy outcome indeed.

Treasure hunt

Hidden treasure definitely will excite everyone especially, kids! With prizes in the end, kids love it! Parents need to be creative in this treasure hunt activity. Place the first clue somewhere super easy to find like on top of the couch. Then make it harder and harder to keep it interesting until the final clue. One interesting idea, instead of a prize, lead them to various coins around the house. Kids can collect all the coins and fill up their piggy banks. If you interested in treasure hunt Malaysia make sure to check out this event management company Malaysia that will help organize an event for you.

DIY balance beam

Parents should know how the kids love walking in straight lines, they will do it every chance they have. For this activity, just take your masking tape out, create your own balance beam and ask them to walk one at a time. Put some their favorite music, let them take the turn to walk the straight line of tape. Make the game more challenging and interesting by having the kids walk backward or balance with one foot on the line.


Time to turn up the volume for this game. Ask them to choose their favorite songs and dance to it until the music stops. They need to freeze in whatever position they are when the music stops. When they didn’t freeze they will out of the game until we find one winner. To make the game more challenging, ask the kids to freeze in specific poses: shapes, animals, letters or even yoga postures. This game good to improve kids’ hearing, agility and response. Autistic kids can try this game as well as it is done in autism Malaysia school.

Indoor bowling

Time to reuse water bottles at its best! Have a bowling tournament in the house. Build up a line six-10 water bottles at your hall or living room. Make a line at the starting line. Grab an indoor ball and start bowling! To make it more interesting, draw a line side by side along the way to the pins, to create an illusion of the trench. Whoever throws the ball over the line, will count as a gutter. Don’t forget to keep the scores and give out a trophy for the winner.

Hot Potato

A simple game to make everyone giggling. Gather around the kids on the floor. Turn on some of their favorite songs. Have them pass the potato (small bean bag or ball) around the circles as fast as possible. When the music stops, the one with potato in their hand will lose and leaves the circle. The last player will win the game.

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