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Reasons Not To Skip Your Annual Medical Exams

You want to keep healthy and robust to live a good life. The key to that is going for your annual medical exams. This yearly routine is uber important because it helps us detect serious health problems early and enables us to take swift action to recover before it’s too late.

Keep your information up to date

As you get older, you cannot leave matters up to chance. You should make sure to fill out your latest personal details such as your allergies and emergency contact person in all relevant documentation during your annual medical exam to ensure your doctors are readily informed of your particulars and needs should an unfortunate occasion arise.

Spot the signs early

Having a consistent medical examination record is tremendously helpful in identifying early onsets of fatal illnesses like pneumonia, heart disease, cancer, and etc. It allows the doctor to track patterns and irregularities through your medical history, thus alerting you to potential issues that come to attention.

Medical Insurance

Increase our chances of recovery

Once again, early detection of fatal diseases is vital for you to have a fighting chance at survival. Treatments are usually more effective in the early course of the disease, all the more reason why you should never skip out on your annual medical exams.

Peace of mind

You always worry about the things that happen to your body, like a sudden rash or random lump somewhere. While these things are harmless and benign most of the time, you really don’t want to be caught off guard if they were indeed malignant. Besides, isn’t it great to be in the clear about your health?

Preventive approach

You can be proactive in guarding yourself against preventable diseases by way of having pap smears, flu vaccinations, and osteoporosis screenings. The annual medical exams also help detect undesirable conditions such as hormonal imbalance and high blood sugar, which can severely impact your quality of life if left unaddressed over the long term.

If you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur and is looking for a hospital that offers medical report issuance on the same day, you might want to consider Beacon Hospital.

Voice out concerns

Often you feel reserved about telling General Practitioners all of your health concerns because you’re afraid they may sound silly or insignificant, and that your worries will be dismissed with some reassuring words. That is why you have the opportunity to ask questions and voice out all of your concerns during your annual medical exam because of the medical facilities that are readily available at the hospital.


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How Blood Circulation Affects Your Health

You’ve probably heard that having good blood circulation is crucial for your health, but what does that really mean?

Our cardiovascular system promotes the circulation of blood within our body. The heart functions as a pump and carries oxygenated blood to our vital organs. It then sends the blood back to the lungs to get oxygenated again, thus completing a full cycle.

In this article, we’re going to explore how poor blood circulation affects you, the triggers that may have caused it, and what you can do to improve it.

What poor blood circulation does to your body

When blood is not being transported efficiently, it’s typically because some of the arteries are blocked. This is dangerous as all your vital organs need oxygen and nutrients to perform optimally. This would mean that the minor parts of your body such as legs, feet, arms, and toes may not be getting sufficient rounds of blood either.

If left unaddressed, you may be plagued with a host of unpleasant things ranging from mild discomfort to serious illnesses, i.e: vertigo, blood clots, muscle cramps, leg ulcers, stroke, and etc. It’ll be difficult to do strenuous physical activities, let alone recover from sports injuries as your muscles aren’t getting the oxygen it needs.

What leads to poor blood circulation?

A lot of problems stem from unhealthy lifestyle habits. The three main culprits are smoking, not exercising, and poor dietary choices (refined sugar, trans fats, and alcohol are the worst!). When bad fatty acids build up in your bloodstream, hard plagues will appear on your arterial wall, thus obstructing proper blood circulation.

A sedentary lifestyle also contributes to poor blood circulation. Examples of this include sitting for long periods at a time and sleeping too much. Burning less glucose than you consume will clog your heart and result in high blood pressure as well.

Take action

If you find this article highly descriptive of you, it’s best to take action now. Beet is known to have high levels of nitric oxide and will help dilate and open the blood vessels in your body. You should also get an exercise regimen going on; something gentle like hot yoga. Put on a knee guard daily to further enhance your blood circulation. If you’re in the market for one, check out

Best Rooftop Bars in KL!

Do you yearn to luxuriate in the breezy wind and scenic panorama of Kuala Lumpur to feel as if the whole world is revolving around you? Do you enjoy being in the center of the limelight with the sky-high buildings aligning you? Do you want to feel the weight of the clouds gently pressing its weight on you? We will show you the way!

Taking time off with your partner, or your family and friends are extremely vital to replenish your energy and to remind yourself to appreciate the people who mean the whole world to you. Spend as much time with those whom you love before it’s too late.

Marini’s on 57

Being classified as the highest rooftop bar in KL may seem rather intimidating; however, rest assured that you are in safe hands!

Best Rooftop Bar in KL
Photo credit: Marini’s on 57

Apart from the authentic Italian dishes and intricate architectural designs that makes Marini’s on 57 worth recommending to a friend, they serve a plethora of customized cocktails which makes the whole experience way more personal for you. From a glass of ‘Marini’s Swizzle’ all the way to a ‘classic mojito’, what don’t they have?

Visit the link to the page via

Stratosphere at the Roof

Best Rooftop Bars in KL
Photo credit: Stratosphere at the Roof

With its open-air structure and grassy helipad floor, it aims to bring out the chill and soothing ambiance with their sole intention to make you feel at peace with yourself. Rejoice in pure serenity as the kaleidoscope of stars shimmer above you.

Sky Bar

Best Rooftop Bars in KL
Photo Credit: Asia Web Direct

Fully indulge yourself in their intoxicating view while dancing away to their funky jagged beats, you will definitely beg to come back for more!

Besides their classic cocktail selection, they hire professional mixologists which truly enhances the taste of their beverages.


Best Rooftop Bars in KL
Photo credit: Eat Drink KL

Now you can finally boast that you are on top of the world as the entire scope of KL is within your sight – immerse yourself and be fully present in its captivating 360-view of the city.

The myriad of cuisines present, namely Japanese, Chinese and Western, makes it seem as if the supply of food is truly endless! Your taste buds will have the opportunity to indulge in the entire spectrum of sweet to spicy- all while facing the iconic Petronas Twin Tower.

Luna Bar

Best Rooftop Bars in KL
Photo credit: Pacific Regency Hotel

The perfect pathway to serenity- you will get the best of both worlds as there is a good mix of leisure and a classy environment.

As the award holder for the ‘Most chill bar in KL’ doesn’t this convince you to bring your entire friend group and family to have a chill night ahead?

While you’re at it, while not check out our post on the top restaurants in Kuala Lumpur?


Watching your diet: Pregnancy Edition

With your persistent cravings and stomach grumblings- the necessity to feed for two, or even three; dilemmas whether to drop your responsibilities to eat whatever your stomach desires, or being obliged to sit back and anticipate for the day where you are finally allowed to return your customary diet consisting of unhealthy yet scrumptious dishes. We will enlighten you on the reasons why you must be compelled to watch what you intake!

Foods you may want to avoid during pregnancy

Some food may ultimately put your baby in jeopardy. Even if you are prompt to give it a taste, be mindful and think of the wellbeing of your own child whom will be affected.

Pregnancy Diet

You should try to refrain from eating:

  • Raw fish
  • Beverages containing alcohol
  • Undercooked meat
  • Unpeeled fruits and vegetables

Restrain yourself from drinking too much coffee

How much is too much, you may ask? With the right amount and intake- specifically less than 200mg per day, it is certainly not destructive as it is just a means to cure your periodic cravings.

Pregnancy Diet

Although if not in moderation, there may be dire consequences- although not proven- such as the possibility of having a miscarriage.

8 glasses of water- you know the drill

Water should be your best friend throughout this strenuous pregnancy period. Frequently replenishing your body and diluting all the food you’ve consumed is essential- and cannot be substituted in any shape or form. You should always divert to water first before any other beverages!

Diversify your food choices whilst maintaining a balance

Eating the same type of food consecutively will undoubtedly become stale, eventually. In order to excite your own stomach (and your baby’s of course), it would be delightful to be open to experiment with new choices.

Small changes go a long way

In terms of practicality and feasibility, it is hardly possible to completely change your diet within a day or so- it requires endless perseverance and endurance to be able to keep bettering yourself. However, small changes here and there to your diet can make a tremendous difference!

Give it a thought- maybe instead of chocolates as snacks you could substitute fruits or chopped up vegetables! Not only will it be more nutritious but you will feel much better about yourself!


Maintaining a healthy balance in your diet is demanding and requires patience- but it will be worth it! Remember that your baby’s health is just as vital as your very own, you can supplement your day-to-day diet with Similac Mom, for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers via

Viu: Five Korean Shows You’ll Love

Viu is a video-streaming app designed to cater to Korean entertainment fans in the Asia Pacific region. It carries an impressive library of popular Korean dramas, music, and shows that are made available within a day of their original telecast. Fans no longer need to sift through tons of unverified sources online because it’s cheap, accessible, and has professional subtitles in English.

Prepaid Plan

What are you watching on Viu? Here are five shows we think you must watch!

Reply 1988

The drama is a whirlwind of gaudy outfits and 80s charms that revolves around five childhood friends who live in the same neighborhood. Doesn’t sound like much, but it knows just how to tug at your heartstrings because it was actually one of the top-rated Korean series in 2016!


If you liked “Train To Busan”, you’d probably like this too. The lead actress is an immortal Goblin who experiences her fair share of heartbreak and love. It has a hilarious twist to it, so you can imagine it’s going to be quite wonderful.

Lovely Love Lie

An exciting and fast-paced show about the difficulties in starting up a career in the Korean music industry and the drawbacks at the height of success. The lovely thing about this drama is that its main cast is actually made up of real artists and musicians who can play and sing. How about that for realism?

Running Man

This hilarious variety show closely resembles a hybrid of Amazing Race with gags thrown in for added measure. They incorporate a lot of comedic elements and cast a lot of well known Korean celebrities. It’s hard to put a finger on it, but you’ve gotta watch one episode to know what I’m talking about.

We Got Married

I guess we can pass this off as a reality show because you get to see your favorite Korean celebrities get paired up with other equally successful Asian personalities and live like married couples for a year! The result is hysterical and sometimes just downright cute.

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Setting Small Milestones For Your Child

Milestones are of importance to keep track of your child’s performance. Not only will you be able to look back at tangible memories, but you can directly witness your child’s physical and mental growth.

Setting milestones for your child is subjective as it is usually based off of different factors such as personal experiences, your family background, culture and how you were brought up etc. We compiled a list of generic milestones you could possibly adhere to. You can tweak and twist it to ensure that it caters directly to your child.

Start early and start small

A little goes a long way. Set out small goals. What may seem easy for you to achieve may require tons of hardship for them.It could be as simple as completing a short book or finishing her fruits!

Always reward and congratulate them

Nutrition for Picky Eaters

Remember to always give little compliments along the way- children always seem to put more effort into doing what they are doing when they know they are making people happy!

Even if they set idealistic goals for themselves, if they feel as if it is within their realms to accomplish, let them pursue it and support them with every step they take.

Show them that they can do anything they wish to achieve

As a role model, you have to prove to your children that anything is achievable with exemplary effort and hard work. For instance, if your child enjoys football, start by practicing alongside him or her. Along the way, you could encourage him/ her to keep going and keep dreaming! If they lose their interest in an activity, look for alternatives and try new activities!

Start by incorporating a healthy diet

Picky eaters tend to stem from incorporating a limited set of nutrients in the early stages of childhood. Children easily get swayed by TV commercials and their peers, which may result in a struggle to eat a balanced diet.

There are a few brands that may make your lives easier. Pediasure’s vanilla flavored dietary package is the epitome of the perfect nutrient supplement for your child, especially as a nutritional supplement for picky eaters. Not only does it taste delectable but it is packed with sufficient nutrients to thrust your child’s growth.

Visit to learn more about the product.

Put their wants before your very own!

Everyone secretly sets expectations for their child, and it becomes a major drawback for their child. We should allow them to venture to their own pathways-it’s okay to give advice but we should acknowledge their passions.


Milestones are of importance to keep track of your child growth & performance. Keep encouraging and keep supporting them.

Why Do We Take Photos, Really?

It’s such a blessing to be able to sit and look back at all the photos you’ve taken over the course of your lifetime. Nothing can mirror the level of relief and pleasure we feel whenever we are able to recall the exact moments of the event.

Photos are an epitome of gems. It is extremely precious and needs to be protected at all costs. A picture itself is distinct in its own ways and can represent a thousand words. When we feel joyful, we tend to look at photos to paint a smile on our faces; when we feel upset, we tend to scroll through our old photos to relieve the memories and to relive the moment. So, what makes photographs so important in our lives?

Memories fade by time, but photos do not

Why Do We Take Photos 03

Time does not await you but photos do. Human beings are only capable of remembering certain bits and pieces of the events. Memories tend to slip out of our minds and are almost always overridden by new information.

Studies have shown that over a period of time, memories become extremely fragile; hence, photographs are here to retain your memories and for it to be instilled into your long-term memory.

Memories can have a powerful impact which may mend or break situations

Memories can link you to past places, people – sometimes you may hang on to the good memories but at times, the bad memories tend to creep out of nowhere.

When you aren’t too positive about how the future will turn out, memories could be a tipping point for you to witness your growth and how far you’ve come.

Allows you to virtually time travel to the past

Why do We Take Photos 02

If you have kids or plan to have kids in the future, photos are a great way to allow your kids to put themselves in your shoes. They will be able to see through your lens instead of their own, instilling a deeper connection between the both of you.

Besides that, you will be able to travel back in time to learn more about your family’s background and their origins.

You don’t need an expensive camera

We live in a world where technology is constantly advancing. Phones, like Vivo V7+, could even produce the same quality of photos a DSLR camera could.

Check out Vivo Malaysia’s official website to learn more about this model:

Both the front camera and the back camera could help you capture photos that are worthy to be posted on your social media sites. At the end of the day, it is not about how aesthetic a photo looks, but instead, what’s important is the story behind it.

A Backpacker’s Guide to Penang

Penang, with its inexpensive style of living and not to forget, the tranquil scenic and palatable food which will cause a bombastic sensation to your taste buds. With their varying cultures and multifaceted races- we assure you will receive the experience of your lifetime.

Penang’s iconic street murals

Penang Street Mural

Along the hushed street pathways, their street murals are usually hidden in secluded areas. With pure luck, you will be able to take a glimpse of all the personalized and distinctive pieces- each piece has their own story, and will speak to you respectively.

A blend of sweet and savory!

Penang will overwhelm you with their endless fusion of food. From one end of the palate to the other, both sweet and savory- you can have the best of both worlds! With the warm ambiance of the atmosphere, and the striking sunlight trapping you on all ends, a rejuvenating coconut-ice cream could result in a cooling sensation so you could reach a middle-ground between the warmness and a tinge of coldness.

The classic ‘Assam Laksa’ with its rich and flavorful ingredients- once you’ve succumbed to tasting it, your taste buds will burst in colors. The signature ‘Char Koay Teow’; a famous dish favored by everyone in Penang- a must try.

Penang Char Koay Teow

A taste of nature

If you want to indulge in the clear blue air, visit the waterfalls of Tiki Kerawang- not only will you be under the spotlight as the refreshing freshwater drizzles down your body, but you will certainly be intrigued by the magnitude of the waterfall.

Trek through Penang’s National Park to discover the additional hidden gems, with a zig-zag of pathways, each trekking trails leading you to different specialties; waterfalls, beaches or even natural pools!

Penang Island Beaches

A place to stay

Finding a hotel to cater for your limited budget may be easy, but being able to find an affordable place to stay whilst still providing a wide range of activities and facilities requires tremendous effort and time. Time is precious, especially during vacation seasons. However, we ought to make your life easier by suggesting the Holiday Inn Resort Penang, situated nearby Batu Ferringhi Beach.

Holiday Inn Resort Penang

You have the luxury to participate and make yourself feel at home with their inclusive resort activities- namely, beach volleyball, sepak takraw etc. If you prefer to just relax, feel free to visit “The Spacation” or even go for a quick swim in our pool! The choices you have are really endless here. Remember to treat yourself during the span of your stay and make use of all the facilities they provide.

Check out this link for for reservation: